The Underrated Racquet Sports Of Our Time

Tennis is a sport that receives a fair amount of glamour in the sports world. With its fast-paced style and use of well-known racquets such as the Head TI-S6, tennis can be a very exciting sport to watch and play. However, other racquet sports have made their mark on recreational enthusiasts as well. Badminton, racquetball, and squash are in many ways very similar to tennis, but also are very different in many ways. Let’s examine these 3 sports and learn a little more about them.


This one is my favorite racquet sport by far. It is part of the curriculum for most high school gym classes, and enjoyed by many people. First conceived as a source of entertainment for British troops stationed in Africa in the mid 1800’s, badminton quickly became extremely popular. It is a hybrid of the old English children’s game, “battledore and shuttlecock” (say that one 5 times fast) which consisted of simply trying to keep a small object made of cork up in the air by getting as many hits as possible from all the participants. Once a net was added by a few British officers, the modern version of badminton that we all know and love was brought into being. Here are some facts about the game: read more

Purpose of the Serve

Did you know that a tennis serve, on top of being the official start of each rally, is actually more often than not used as a strategy? It’s true! While most of us tend to focus on the excitement of the back-and-forth rallies, we might overlook the importance of the serves used by the players.  Depending on the style of play utilized by your opponent, it is possible to make good use of a serving style that is designed to exploit his weaknesses, whatever those might be. The overall objective of the serve is to land the ball into the square area on your opponent’s side that is positioned diagonally from your position. If the ball makes the landing in that area and then proceeds to go out of play, that is an easy point. Here are a couple examples of styles commonly used by tennis players today, and the reasons they are as effective as they are. read more

Mastery of the Backhand for Beginners

Imagine this. You are out on the tennis court. It is match point, and your opponent glares daggers at you between pulls on his Gatorade bottle. You stare coolly back. You have studied his technique and now know what his game lacks. And you are ready. When the chair umpire signals for the match to resume, your opponent rears back and fires a line-drive serve directly to your left side. He thinks he has won, for you are a right-handed player and there appears to be no possible way you will reach the ball in time. He is mistaken. Your racquet suddenly flashes over across your body to your left side, and you retaliate with a vicious hit from the back side of the racquet. To your opponent’s amazement, the ball rockets over the net and lands cleanly about 5 feet to the left, out of his reach. The match is yours. read more

Tennis: A Workout For The Body And The Mind

Cardio Benefits of Tennis

First, let’s consider your cardio potential in relation to the amount of movement required on the tennis court. From the moment you begin to play, your heart rate is quickly elevated, which helps burn calories and in turn improves your overall circulatory system. Not only is your risk for heart disease, heart attacks and strokes greatly reduced, but the calories you burn can help you shed that pesky extra pound (or two). A person who weighs approximately 160 pounds can burn as much as 300 calories playing a half hour’s worth of tennis. Wow, that’s quite a figure! If I weren’t already tall, skinny and afraid that I would disappear into thin air if I lost one more pound, I would be all over this! But for the folks out there who would like to improve their cardio in more ways than one, look no further than the game of tennis. read more

What to Look For In a Good Ski Glove

Ski gloves are very important to keep your hands warm while you find yourself propelling yourself downhill. The conditions up there can be obviously very frigid and you need to be positive that you make the best decision possible when deciding which you would love to purchase. There could be so many different varieties you have the option of picking from; you have to figure out which will best suit your needs. And we’re here to help you with that.

What to Look For In a Good Ski Glove

Gloves or Mittens

That is the question. It should be the first one to ask yourself when picking this product out. Mittens will help keep them more warm, because it is better insulated and the friction between your fingers will help develop more warmth to protect your fingers from the cold weather. Likewise, the freedom you get from wearing gloves instead give you added agility while out on the slopes. For that agility, you might be giving up the added comfort of not being too cold. Whichever variety you choose, be sure that it extends past your wrists for extra protection from snow getting inside to your hand, which means something like this Outdoor Research Alti Gloves option. read more

Why You Should Invest In Quality Ski Wear

There are just some things in life you should get the best that you can afford, and ski equipment is on that list of “items to spend a little more on”. Especially in sports that involve any element of danger, it’s essential to have quality items to stay as safe as possible. Your life and health is worth that extra money you would use on these products.

Why You Should Invest In Quality Ski Wear

But Where Should I Invest This Money

The really important pieces of ski gear are the helmet, goggles, gloves and boots. You are able to rent skis and poles, but it is important that those other pieces of equipment are bought new by yourself. They should fit you perfectly. Anything too big or small would cause more injury rather than aid you in preventing them. A really nice helmet is worth extra to ensure that a person do not end up with a head injury in case of an accident. A good pair of boots will really help keep your stability, make sure you will be comfortable and keep the user warm. Ski gloves should fit you well, and cover your whole hand and wrist like the Swix Men’s Avant-Garde Glove, which is also great because it has a hard shell casing for added warmth. Goggles can protect your eyes from the elements, which could otherwise irritate them. This is important that the goggles have the right fit, so you’ll be able to see easily but no water can get into the area to upset your eyes. read more

Ski Equipment Skiers Need

Skiing can be a fun sport that can be a very good calorie burning exercise as well, that is if you enjoy being outside on freezing cold days. It could be very dangerous, so it’s important that you get the right equipment before you head up to the mountains to be positive it’s an equally fun and safe experience for you. It is essential to get a check list of things you need, and make sure you have everything. The local specialized winter sports shop or other sporting goods store would be a great place to know what is best for what your necessities are, just as is looking on the internet. read more

Why You Need Ski Gloves

Skiing can be a very fun sport, but you need to take many precautions. Not only can it be a very dangerous sport, it’s a winter sport which adds in the added element of the dreaded cold. For this reason, this is a gear intensive sport which you can’t afford to skimp out on. It will be important that you find the best ski glove to suit to protect you from  cold and injury.

Why You Need Ski Gloves

A Must Have

These products are worth the extra money for a good pair. The main reason why this item is a necessity in your collection of equipment is to shield you from a lot of the cold. To successfully do this, any pair you buy must cover past your wrists. This will better protect both your hands and wrists from any biting cold of mountainous activities like the Outdoor Research Alti Gloves, which can be even more dangerous than actually skiing. Some are also made with grips on their hands which can allow for a better hold on the poles as you propel down the hills. You will absolutely be thankful for them, especially as a beginner with the amount of time you will probably spend falling on top of the fluffy white snow. You are out there because you love winter, right? read more


Some mats may last for a while longer than others, but all the strain caused by frequent use necessitates you to buy a new one in a few years. If you’ve been a yogi for a while, you’ve probably had your decent share of changes of mats. It probably wore out, got torn up, or just deemed unfit for use. So you roll them up and store them in your cabinet, basement, garage, or anywhere there’s room. Before you know it, you’re doing your spring-cleaning and you see all the vibrant colored rolls stacked around in corners of your house. read more


When you go to Youtube to watch any instructional video, immediately you see the trainer, usually a woman, wearing her colorful and cute clothes, standing on an equally vibrant colored mat.So if you decide to start practicing, it’s understandable to want to buy new equipment to get you going. However, if you really think about it, isn’t it contrary to yoga beliefs to subscribe to commercialist propaganda? That you limiting your exercise to your mat is a bit restraining? Maybe, maybe not. But wouldn’t it be freeing to try without it? read more