What are the Advantages of Adjustable Dumbbells?

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

What are adjustable dumbbells?

All dumbbells are adjustable by changing weights. Some are easy to adjust quickly, some are time consuming to adjust. Your standard dumbbell requires you to remove the old pounds by taking off the spin on collar then pulling the old off, then sliding on the new and reattaching the spin on collar. Change both ends if you are using two dumbbells, then it takes that much longer. If you are trying to do quick reps with different weight sizes, the cool down period is much longer. What if you could do this quickly? There are two other types of adjustable dumbbells that need mentioning. read more

Good Dumbbell Routines for Men

Mens Dumbbell Workout

Dumbbells have been around since possibly the 2nd century and have not changed much in their overall design except to become more technical. The exercises used today had their beginnings centuries ago. Man was very inventive in their use of exercise equipment and to a degree still is today. If you don’t have a pair of dumbbells, a container of water will serve the same purpose, or anything that can be hoisted by your arms to get a range of motion to lift.

Back in the 1950’s when Charles Atlas was shown in every magazine imaginable, lifting using barbells or dumbbells, his sculptured and chiseled figure was a wish most boys aspired to. The basic dumbbell with a bar with attached weights became the most sought after lifting equipment besides barbells. A collar using a set screw or nut for tension was used to change pounds. read more

The Many Benefits of using an Inversion Table

Inversion tables are usually recommended for back pain, but many of you may not know all of the other benefits that come with using an inversion table. In this article, I will talk about the many benefits of inversion tables and why it is a good investment for your health.

The Many Benefits of using an Inversion Table

Rehydrates discs in your back: Standing, sitting and moving can dehydrate the vertebrae in your back. When you invert, the back elongates, creating room between your discs and giving them a chance to absorb moisture. This can help to absorb shock to your back and to increase your own flexibility. read more

Winter Wear You Need To Have

Coming from a place that can get pretty cold during the winter months, you sort of get used to what you need to stay warm when the temperatures go drastically down. Keeping warm is very important for your health and will help prevent ailments like frostbite and hypothermia. These tips are quite necessary to remember for your children as well, as they are much more susceptible to the negative effects of winter weather.

Winter Wear You Need To Have

What Exactly Should I Own

  • Winter Coat: When looking for a winter coat, you’ll want to remember that you’ll want something waterproof and a product that will block wind. But you also need to find an item that will allow for breathability so that sweat vapor can escape and not let you stay wet in the freezing air. That is just asking for trouble in cold weather. These are tips you might keep in mind if you want to purchase snow pants.
  • Hats: This can be just as important as a coat. They say that you can lose a lot of heat that escapes from your head during this freezing time period. That means hats are quite important to maintaining a good body heat. You are able to purchase hats that cover your ears, or ones that you slide over your ears when you would like them to. This is a style choice more than anything else, but you would like keep you very sensitive ears protected as the temperature goes down. Frozen ears are painful ears.
  • Gloves: You don’t have to enjoy playing out in the snow to need a pair of gloves. It is essential to be positive that every bit of one’s skin that one can protect is protected. If you are just out commuting or playing in snow with your children, Ladies Waterproof Taslon Ski Glove is the type of glove you should be looking for. If you intend to be doing any outdoor sports like skiing, snowboarding or anything similar to that everyone should do your research to find the right type of glove that a person is looking for.
  • Boots: These will keep you warm and help prevent a lot of the slipping you will do out on the icy layered sidewalks and driveways. You don’t have to go crazy here, but you should buy a pair that goes above your ankles to ensure the best amount of protection for your feet. The higher the boot, the less likely snow will sneak in and freeze up your toes. Frozen feet are not a fun discomfort to deal with.
  • Scarves: These are just for added comfort against the frigid temperatures on your neck. You will be thankful to own this item on the more frigid days.

Anything Else

A final note: Do not overdress the layers. By adding on too many layers, you can create too much body heat which will then produce sweat. Sweat is moisture, and moisture freezes when it’s cold. You figure that math out. This is not something you want and could be potentially dangerous. read more

Why Is Cycling Becoming More Popular

Re-Inventing the Wheel

The wheel is not a new concept. We have a saying “I am not asking you to re-invent the wheel,” that means you do not have to start from the most basic, primary form. Man has understood wheels for millennia and has put that knowledge to good use.Nostalgic images of a mustachioed Victorian gentleman on a unicycle in sepia color come to mind when we think late 19th century cyclist. First introduced in this century, cycling developed in an active, intense sport in the 20th century. The discipline of cycling called mountain biking has seen a significant increase in popularity in the last decade; economical, environmental and organizational influences accounts for this rise in popularity. read more

How to Use and Inversion Table

For anyone who likes a visual step by step, here is a YouTube video about how to use an inversion table.Inversion tables can be tricky when you first get them. They are huge pieces of machinery and they can be rather intimidating when you first get them. This article will show you the ins and outs of using an inversion table safely, so you can start using your new table with confidence. If you don’t already have an inversion table, I would recommend doing some research about buying inversion tables. Here is a good article about buying inversion tables.First off, it is recommended that the first time you invert, you have another person with you just in case you have trouble coming back up from the invert or, god forbid, something goes wrong. read more

Benefits of Compression Wear

There are few items of medical equipment that share the same kind of versatility that a person can get from compression wear. Compression wear comes in stockings, socks, knee and elbow covers as well as compression clothing like pants, shorts, and shirts. But what exactly do you get from wearing this type of article of clothing?

Benefits of Compression Wear

How Does This Benefit Me?

Did you just have a surgery? Are you going to be laid up for a period of time for any reason? Your doctor probably recommended that one should purchase something like the FYTTO Style 1020 Women’s Comfy Compression Socks for yourself. You might be thinking to yourself, “that’s silly, how is it that a pair of socks going to help me?” Compression socks have a unique ability to squeeze together the muscle and tissue in the lower extremities. This allows for better circulation of blood and oxygen. The better that is, the less likely you will suffer from afflictions like blood clots, varicose veins and spider veins. If a person will spend a lengthy amount of time without much mobility and that can increase your chances of blood clots which could be very dangerous if one gets them unknowingly.If you find that you are not suffering from a lack of mobility, you might think that this product is useless for what you need, which you would again be wrong. Do you love to run, hike, or any other work out? You can also be helped by compression attire. If you consider yourself a runner, you can especially benefit from using this item. Users have found that this increase of blood flow to the muscles allows a runner to run farther with less muscle pain and can assist in speeding up your recovery after an especially intense work out. It also has an added benefit of if you are hiking on a hot day, you can wear a pair of them and it protects your legs from the elements and harmful objects on the trail.Not an athlete or a person that cannot move around as much or as well? This product can still be very useful for a person like you. Do you find that at work you spend most of your time on your feet, only to come home with bad swelling in your feet, that can cause them to be achy or you to lack any energy? Then this could be of use to you. Compression socks can help limit the swelling in a person’s feet, making it more comfortable to stand for longer periods of time. read more

Effective Recumbent Workouts

Do not let the relaxed and reclined demeanor fool you. Recumbent bikes can be a very useful equipment to add intensity to your everyday workout routine. Not to mention this cardiovascular machine is a handy tool to help shed those extra pounds.  However, you most likely will not see the results you want if you just mindlessly pedal while catching up on your soaps. You should get the most out of your bent if you have a workout routine. So, here are some great tips, exercises, and routines to help you reach your goal. read more

Deciding on a Weight Bench

Deciding on what type of exercise equipment you would like is really only half your battle. The other half of your battle is picking a type, than choosing one of the many varieties of that sort of product. This is a similar situation to what you will have when you decide that you might opt to purchase a weight bench. You should consider your personal goals and needs when you are sifting through your numerous options. Here are some things for you to consider. Not picking the right one could hinder your efforts towards your fitness goals read more

Top Pull-Up Mistakes

Pull-ups are quickly becoming one of the most popular exercises for back/arm strength training. Everyone who does them knows personally just how hard they are to do, but what if I told you all of your hard work isn’t paying off as much as it could be? If I said all of those hours upon hours in the local gym, all of the blood (hopefully not), sweat and tears are for nothing? This could be you wasting your time due to a few simple mistakes! There are several mistakes commonly made that can hinder your progress and results. Let’s take a look at some of the more serious things people mess up on. read more