Buy Adjustable Dumbbells and Forget the Gym

Mens Dumbbell Workout

So you think that going to a gym is the best use of your money to get the best exercise that you need. Let’s do some calculations to figure out roughly what the cost would be in a year. You may extrapolate from these figures what you might spend. Assume that you will go 5 days a week and it is 5 miles from your house. A membership averaged out based on the part of the country you’re from will be roughly $40/month or $480/year. Your car gets 20 miles per gallon and traveling roundtrip makes a total of 10 miles a day. Going five days a week times 10 miles is 2600 miles a year divided by 20 miles per gallon times an average gas price of $3.50/gal. Equals $455.00. So in a year we have spent $480 in membership dues plus $455 in gas which equals $935.00 to use a gym. We are not talking about how much your time is worth but you might add it into your equation. read more

What Dumbbell Exercises for Women are Great for Toning

Women Dumbbell

Why Dumbbells are your best alternative to toning your muscles

Dumbbells are a better alternative to high impact exercise when used at home. One can do over thirty different routines depending on whether you want to tone or bulk up. Most women want to tone their muscles and look for dumbbells that use lower weights. The best way to tone your body is not with higher but lower weights with longer reps, using the lower increments over a longer rep time will give you a good cardiovascular workout. Using a wide range of exercises will tone different muscle groups resulting in a well-toned body. read more

The Five Most Popular Fitness Magazines

Effective Recumbent Workouts

The top five fitness magazines are:

  1. Men’s Health
  2. Men’s Fitness
  3. On Fitness
  4. Outside
  5. Runner’s World

Let’s discuss each one briefly

Men’s Health – the top circulation in men’s health featuring articles for fitness, health, nutrition and others of general interest. Has workout features for all abilities, but mostly geared to those starting out. The nutrition and health features are geared for the athlete.

Men’s Fitness – good advice for fitness, nutrition, and training. Also has many stories on general interest for those who exercise.

On Fitness – more on athletics than aesthetics. Not so much geared to the beginner but to the athlete who is further along in their workouts. Good features on all equipment use with many advanced work out methods, less of general interest. read more