Best Heavy Bag Stand

How Does A Heavy Bag Stand Work?

A heavy bag stand is a piece of fitness equipment used in boxing that holds and stabilizes a punching bag. This equipment is usually an essential element to aid in body conditioning and practice.

The heavy bag stand is usually made from a strong, constructed component that anchors to the floor or wall. It can easily support a punching bag weighing between 60 to 120 pounds.

The bag is attached to the stand by a metal link chain and then anchored into place to eliminate swaying or unwanted movement while boxing and kicking. read more

Best Leg Press Machine

Types Of Leg Press Machines

When it comes to picking the right type of leg press machine to use for leg exercises, there are a few different types to pick from. Each type is a little different from the other, and some of them work different parts of the leg.

Cybex Squat Press places a person on an incline on their back with their legs in the air against a board to do the leg presses with. It requires the body to be placed close to the brain and use an upward force to make the exercise motion.

Horizontal Leg Press has the body sitting parallel with the ground while sitting the legs upright at a 90-degree angle. This position places less pressure on the back and knees, and it requires far less strength. read more

Best Punching Bag

Four Types of Punching Bags

There are four main types of punching bags used in boxing. The speed bag, being one of the most popular types, is used to build hand-eye coordination and improve body conditioning. It is usually suspended overhead from a board, called a drum.

The next most popular and effective type of punching bag is the heavy bag. This bag, with its long cylindrical design, hangs from a chain usually suspended from the ceiling. It aids in heavy body contact, intended to build power from the strong punches it was intended for. read more

Best Grip Strengthener

Types Of Grip Strengtheners

There are many types of grip strengtheners available in today’s various marketplaces, all designed to increase the clenching power in one’s hands. These devices usually come in a variety of different weight resistances from anywhere to 1-300 lbs of resistance.

The weight doesn’t have to be very high to see results in one’s training. Something with a maximum resistance of 100 lbs can be very good for the common person.

Many grip strengtheners are adjustable and will allow the user to control just how much resistance they will be working with. This is very useful for those who are looking to slowly build up strength in their hands whilst recovering from injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and other problems that may weaken the grip in their hands. read more

Best Weighted Vest

Types Of Weighted Vests

Weighted vests are resistance training gear designed to give you a more intense workout. By wearing one a person is able to build up more endurance. The types of vests can be categorized by:

• Weight: Weighted vests usually come in different weight variations such as 20, 40, 60 and 100 lbs. Some models of these vests allow for weight to be added and removed.

• Fixed and Adjustable: With the fixed weight models of these vests, the weight is sewn directly into the vest and cannot be removed. As for the removable weight option, these are best for gaining more control over your workout. read more

Best Elbow Compression Sleeve

How Does An Elbow Compression Sleeve Work?

Elbow compression sleeves have become very popular among athletes and workout enthusiasts throughout the years. The sleeves are not merely for fashion, but also serve a more important purpose.

There are many health benefits of wearing compression sleeves and they can make a huge difference in the success of the physical activity. An elbow compression sleeve is an elastic sleeve worn snugly over the elbow. They are usually made from a neoprene material to encourage compression and stabilization of the joints and muscles in the covered area. read more

Best Massage Ball

Types Of Massage Balls

The massage ball is a revolutionary tool that is commonly used worldwide within the massage therapy occupation. It’s effectiveness and ease of use makes it not only a tool for professionals, but for those at home who’d like to release tension in their muscles. There are several types of these massage balls available in health related markets such as:

• Lacrosse balls: These are small, smooth rubber balls that make it easier to knead into muscles and further induce relaxation in the muscle. Many athletes tend to go with this option. read more

Best Knee Sleeves For Running

How Knee Sleeves for Running Work

You may have heard of knee sleeves for heavy lifting, but sleeves can also be beneficial for runners. These sleeves are made of thin neoprene and pull over the knee.

Knee sleeves for running work in a few ways. One way is by compression. Compressing the knee and the area around it increases blood flow to that area, which can reduce pain and inflammation and speed up recovery time.

Having the knee area compressed also increases proprioception, or your body’s awareness of your knee’s position in space. This can help reduce injury and increase general body awareness as well. read more

Best Knee Sleeves For Powerlifting

How Knee Sleeves for Powerlifting Work

Chances are good that you’ve seen at least one person at your gym working out in knee sleeves. While knee sleeves are often used for powerlifting, not everyone understands how they work. These sleeves can help guard against injury, warm up the knee joint, increase proprioception, and improve recovery.

Knee sleeves are useful as a prophylactic injury defense. They are different than knee braces, since braces are meant to protect an existing injury. They can help guard against injury by keeping the knee joint warm. When your joints are warm, discomfort generally lessens, and your injury risk is reduced. read more

Best Weight Lifting Belt

How Weight Lifting Belts Work

Once you’ve reached a certain point in your lifting career, you may realize it’s time for a weight lifting belt. This is especially true if you’ve become stronger and are now lifting heavy while doing compound exercises like squats or deadlifts.

The reason many people use weight lifting belts is because the belts help to stabilize the spine and decrease injury risk. Normally, when you lift without a belt, you’ll brace your core musculature. This helps stabilize your spine somewhat, as the pressure comes from the inside out. read more